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Meet Louis Allport & Jeremy Gislason


Louis Allport - Founder and Director of CPM Direct Limited

Louis comes from a technical background, having been a software engineer for many years.  But Louis' real interest was in building an internet business, and he decided to take the plunge full time in 2002.

This started with an educational publishing company that also offered ready made 'tool kits' in the form of reprint rights and private label rights products, that allowed customers to hugely short cut the creation of profitable new offers.

And for the last few years of running that business, Louis focused on creating video coaching products - screen capture coaching that records what happens on screen with explanatory audio at the same time.  Such video coaching allows the viewer to learn subjects much more quickly than just from the written word, as the content is viewed and heard at the same time.  And the viewer can copy along with what they see too, to help them master the subject in the video quickly.

By creating new coaching videos every month now for years, Louis has built a library of hundreds of hours of exclusive video coaching.

And in mid 2008, Louis and Jeremy joined forces, to finally make this huge library of video content available with private label rights through InstantVideoEmpire.com

To find out more about Louis visit Seven Figure Blueprints.



Jeremy Gislason - Founder and President of SureFireWealth, Inc., Founding Partner & Director of Power House Technology, LLC, Founding Partner & Director or MemberSpeed, Inc.

Jeremy has been around business all of his life and grew up in an entrepreneurial family. His father has had his own business for over twenty-five years and Jeremy assisted with the day to day operations of the family business while he was growing up. This environment helped Jeremy to decide to take the path to financial independence as a self-employed/business owner rather than work for someone else his entire life.

Jeremy traveled overseas a great deal, especially throughout asia in the early 90's and eventually decided to settle down in Japan. He and his wife both quit their 'regular' jobs in the spring of 1997 to fullfill their dreams of running their own business. Through hard work, determination and faith they have been successful and their business has seen continual growth despite a recession in the Japanese economy since then.

Jeremy says, "Doing business in Japan has really opened my eyes to customer service and the way people should be treated. Japanese have the utmost respect for customers, as should all businesses. There is a saying in Japanese - "Kyakusama wa kami sama desu", which literally means "Customers are Gods". If you think about this, it is very true as without customers, we'd have no business. Take care of your customers and they'll take care of you by remaining loyal lifelong customers and recommend your business to their friends and family."

In addition to traditional offline businesses, Jeremy has also had extensive experience with offline and online MLM companies. He worked very closely for a few years in the mid 90's with a top marketer and distributor in a very large network marketing company who helped open the door to Japan for their products. While Jeremy prefers working and building traditional businesses, that experience was invaluable to help him improve his people and sales skills which are both important requirements for any business to succeed.

Whereas the Gislasons' offline business has been good to them, they realized that the only way true financial freedom and retirement is to have a substantial amount of continual passive income every month and the potential of the Internet to do just that. After over a year of trials and errors trying to establish an online presence.

He met a man by the name of Darryl Graham, CEO and founder of ISORegister, Inc. in February of 2003. After corresponding with Darryl for a few weeks it became clear that they both had similar goals, morals and ideas. Jeremy soon became a company advisor and worked with the team at at  ISORegister.com for 2 years before venturing out on his own. During those two years they built up and grew the following membership based websites: ISORegister.com, JobDiscover.com, Ad-Alyzer.com, ISOResources.com, ISOTrainer.com, ISORotator.com, Look2Gain.com, ISOForum.com and ISOResponder.com.

He launched the flagship membership site SureFireWealth.com in Jan. 2005 and has been expanding rapidly ever since. He also works with copywriters, video and audio producers, the best programmers and marketers on a day to day basis in order to provide the best services and products possible to their members.

Membership based sites in the SureFireWealth, Inc. network currently include SureFireWealth.com, ElistSecrets.com, SavingYourTime.com, LearningToEarnOnline.com, ResellMasterCourse.com, BigSeminarsAudio.com, ViralTrafficListBuilder.com, VIPProfitZone.com, InstantGraphicsPro.com and more website services in development.

Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason have also partnered to create a multitude of successful  membership based websites and business ventures under the MemberSpeed, Inc. network include MemberSpeed.com, MembershipMillionaire.com, ReadyMadeReports.com and more on the way.

And in mid 2008, Jeremy joined forces with Louis Allport, to finally make Louis's huge library of video content available with private label rights through InstantVideoEmpire.com

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