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Understanding Resell Rights for Maximum Online Profits

Published on: 04/23/ 2009 | By: Jeremy Gislason | Rating: 4.65 | Total Views: 3777
About The Author: Jeremy Gislason is a leading expert on membership sites, resell rights and online marketing. To learn more about resell rights, private label rights and find products to sell online, visit SureFireWealth.com
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Resell rights in online businesses come in many forms and sizes. Basically, resell rights only give you the right to sell the product, and not to claim the product as your own.

You can only sell the product as it is, and you can't change it in any way. You also cannot resell the rights to anyone else, without being permitted to do so.

Basic resell rights are usually regarded as the cheapest, since they are sometimes bundled together and offered for an almost suspiciously low price, which makes it easier to profit from.

If ever you are going to buy rights to software or a product, make sure that you check the terms on how much you can charge for it, or if it can be given away as a bonus or something else.

Make sure you know well enough about the product to deal with any troubleshooting that may occur.

Different Kinds of Resell Rights

Master resell rights often include a web page with the product, giving you the right to sell the product, as well as allowing you to pass on this right to your customers.

Your customers can also give or sell the resell rights to their customers. The exceptions are non transferable master resell rights.

Another type is the rebrandable resell rights, where you are given the resell rights to the product, while also allowing you to put your name, company, affiliate link or website link in it. You cannot change the content unless you are permitted to do so.

Private label rights products, on the other hand, comes with a raw source material that you can use to produce a finished item.

You will be able to change the product in any way you want, like adding more content, or omitting parts, or by splitting it into several products.

Check the terms and conditions of the product, for it may also allow you to sell resell rights and even master resell rights.

How to Sell on the Internet

When you have chosen and decided to sell a resell right product on the Internet, make sure that you take the time to do some research, before you make any acts of purchasing it.

Ask yourself how many people are searching for this type of product.

How many competing products are there?

Have you seen the product available elsewhere?

If you are going to sell on the Internet, you must be able to edit web pages, create payment links and upload the product and web pages to a server.

You must also be able to edit the product of the private label rights product that you have purchased, especially if it is a right for software.

When selling the products on the Internet, you can usually set up your own web site or add the sales page to your existing site.

If you cannot do these things yourself, you could easily hire or outsource people to do these things for you.

You could also invest in pay-per-click ads and e-zine ads.

You can also write articles.

You can also produce articles and free reports for viral marketing based on some of the contents of a book if you have private label rights to it.

These are just a few ideas for you.

Why are Master Resale Rights Viable?

Owning a website is a very profitable endeavor, but being able to sell books, software and other products with master resale rights is a viable web business solution that every web marketer should consider.

It offers you the advantage of not having to produce your own material, as long as you ensure that the product is of good quality, and that you have a good marketing plan.

Every web business needs a product to sell; and with master resale rights, you do not need to make up any content because all of the content is already done for you.

You already have a ready-made product that you can sell.

Master resale rights are also very convenient. Since the products that you are selling are electronic, there are no physical goods to move or store, making your business completely automated without the need for warehousing.

(The exceptions are resale rights that only allow the product to be sold as a physical product.)

This can already give you a large amount of profit since this makes your storage and delivery free.

Everything can be delivered through email, or through a download link.

There is also no need for you to create a good sales page since most resale rights packages have already done this for you.

Most e-books and software with master resale rights have pre-made sales page, which are done by professionals, so you can save yourself the frustration of trying to make one.

You still possess the option of editing the sales page to your liking, should you wish to do so. This option can help you to differentiate yourself from other resellers and make you more unique.

Unlike other affiliate programs wherein you get only a percentage of each sale, master resale rights products allow you to keep 100% of the profits that you have earned.

You only need to pay a one-time fee to acquire the product and resale rights, and that is it.

There are no other fees or royalties to pay either, except for that.

You can repackage your master resale rights products by combining 2 or more of your acquired e-books together to create an entirely unique, brand new package that is exclusive to you and your site.

This uniqueness gives your package more value because a customer is more likely to purchase from you, giving you the advantage over every other site selling similar products.


If you choose to use private label rights content as a profitable solution to improve your online business, it can benefit your site immensely.

You will be able to save yourself a lot of time content by simply posting new content to your site every month, instead of writing a new high quality article from scratch.

You can also make your article look cleaner by avoiding outbound links, which are included with other articles, while also having the ability to add links that you are interested in.

You also have the right to edit private label rights content in any which way you want, since you own them.

You can do whatever you want with these products, except transfer resale rights unless you have permission from the owner.

As long as you have access to good writers you do not have to worry about the content of the private label rights articles that you have purchased, since these were written by professionals.

There are fewer chances for the articles to being inaccurate or poorly written.

You will also be able to build your site with your interest in mind, since you are going to get several products related to the same subject whenever you buy PLR content.

When buying or using private label content be sure to know your source. You want to edit to make it your own and use original content as much as possible.

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