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Added on 17/10/2008 

I got to confess that instant video empire is providing lots of contents,videos,audios, thanks Louis your videos are treasures for anyone who is serious to know how to create an income from home.Well done

Magdi Mikhail

Added on 07/07/2008 

This Is TRULY Going To Help Not Just All My Readers Of The Free Tools Newsletter Guys....

But It's Going To Help Me Greatly Too....

Just One More Thing To Add To Why You Guys Have Been My Mentors For Years, LOL!


Roy Fielding

Added on 10/07/2008 

The value in the membership was incredible! It worth much more than the cost. It not only help me to define strategy for My Tutorial Videos site but also help for other niches.

Many thanks for your valuable instruction.

Le Tuan Anh

Added on 06/07/2008 

Ii am happy for what you do for me Louis & Jeremy that you are bring my dream come through thanks more than A MILLION.

Aminu Oluwaseyi

Added on 08/07/2008 

Thanks for giving me first try at an amazing new product. It is always better to get in at the start on any marketing project.

I can't wait to start promoting this stuff!

Mark McKnight

Added on 28/06/2008 

It took me literally 2 days to watch all the videos. I am still catching up with the audios here. I wan to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the videos and the explanation that goes with it.

I have purchased other internet marketing products including membership sites before but my gut feeling tells me that this is the REAL DEAL here we are talking about.

I appreciate the Free Silver Membership. It has shown me "real" insights into what sincere Internet Marketers do to get to where they are, and you are one of the rare few.

Love your video products and look forward to more in the Gold member area.

May Ong

Added on 01/06/2008 

Jeremy Gislason & Louis Allport what an awesome opportunity you guys have put together with InstantVideoEmpire...keep the good work up....

Stephen Coffey

Added on 16/06/2008 

Great to see you back Louis. Your videos were what got me started in Internet marketing, and still account for a large chunk of my income.

I know from experience that I can rely on everything you produce being top quality.

You really have surpassed yourself with the new site. Absolutely Terrific.

Everything you need to get up and running in one place.

Nick Barton

Added on 16/06/2008 

I'm 53, bachelor engineer doing research on management services for a consultancy. I was introduced to internet marketing through a seminar. As the cost to start the ball rolling was extremely high, I sat back to learn some other useful things. Digital photography is one of my interest. I've uploaded quite a bit in Kodak gallery. I've also learn about creating blog.

It seem to be quite interesting way to share the little knowlege which I've learned from in the past year or so.

Until you show me the way and cue in; it was like looking for a pin in the haystack. Now that you've extended your consoling hands to guide, I look forward to learn another chapter.

Ng Hou Seng

Added on 15/06/2008 


Another Job Of Pure Excellence! This site is just what I needed. I have been growing my Video Career and here you have a home built and in place just in time! You know I love Your Sites! I will be Highly Recommending as I know the same Pro Quality is here that you put into all your Sites!


Laurie Brandt

Added on 14/06/2008 

I always thought I know a lot when it comes to building business and making money online, but until I've watched these videos, I felt like the missing parts of my puzzle has finally been soved.

I'm sure anyone who's watching the videos right now feel the same way as I do, there's no fluff but only tips, secrets and truth revealed in every part of the courses.

Most important, you can always apply all of these techniques taught instantaneously!

You have over-delivered again this time, Loius... thanks!

Eric Tan

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